Electoral Law & Amendments

The constitution of Nauru, international treaties, the electoral act of 2016, and NEC regulations and decisions, all form the legal and regulatory framework for Elections in Nauru. Together they establish the voting rights Nauruan citizens use to elect representatives and hold referendums. In effect they establish the “rules of the game”.

The constitution does not define Nauru’s electoral system. This is defined in the electoral act. Therefore the system can be changed in Parliament without the need to amend the constitution.

In 2016, Nauru went to the polls under its new election law, known as the Electoral Act of 2016. It has been amended since then.

Click the links below to download the electoral law and its amendments:

NEC Decisions and Regulations

The NEC is mandated by the Electoral Act to issue decisions and regulations on any matter necessary or convenient for giving effect to the Electoral Act.

Administrative regulations complement electoral laws, and allow the NEC to regulate specific topics of the 2016 Electoral Act as needed. This currently includes the regulations posted here:

Gazette Notices